Oncology KnowledgeBASE

New Medicine’s Oncology KnowledgeBASE (nm|OK) provides a comprehensive view of the status of the global oncology drug development and personalized medicine sector in terms of:

  • companies developing and marketing therapeutic/in vivo imaging agents and/or in vitro diagnostics
  • institutions/non-profits with affiliations/agreements in this sector
  • therapeutic agents in development or on the market globally (over 4,500 drugs in development)
  • molecular targets of approved drugs and of those currently evaluated in preclinical/clinical trials or identified as playing a role in cancer
  • patents, orphan drug status, sales, etc.

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Sample New Drug record >
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Nm|OK New Drugs and Marketed Drugs profiles >

nm|OK provides detailed profiles of over 5,000 distinct drugs/in vivo imaging agents in development and on the market by

  • developer/affiliate (over 1,000 pipelines)
  • generic name/brand name/other designation
  • technology/class
  • mechanism of action
  • cancer indications; over 100 indications
  • clinical indications; hundreds of indications
  • administration route
  • molecular target
  • biomarker/companion diagnostics
  • delivery technology
  • development status
  • clinical development by phase and status
  • clinical history, including trial protocols, interim and final results
  • sales history (when available)

nm|OK Company profiles >

nm|OK profiles over 2500 companies in the oncology space in terms of

  • history
  • management
  • financing
  • enabling technologies
  • affiliations/collaborations/licenses
  • pipelines, etc.

nm|OK Targets in Oncology Profiles >

nm|OK profiles over 1,000 molecular targets implicated in cancer and its treatment in terms of

  • cancer indication
  • utility (treatment, in vivo imaging, in vitro diagnosis, prognosis, disease monitoring
  • institution
Future Oncology

Future Oncology

 Free_IconFrom June 1995 to August 2008, New Medicine published Future Oncology, a comprehensive analytical newsletter tracking the evolution of global drug development in oncology.

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